Sunday, 15 July 2012

Tears of a Rodeo Clown

Tears of a Rodeo Clown

I spend hours rummaging through stacks of vinyl at car boot sales and charity shops to get gems like this one

I can highly recomend checkong out too

The Cramps - Off The Bone

I love a good album cover and this one is superb not only is it in 3D but it pretty much tells you what to expect. Which in this case is some wonderfully dark, dirty, sleazy and absolutely brilliant rock and roll.

Their will never be another Lux who right now is probabilly scaring the life out of Satan, RIP

Disco Erotica - Pink Neon and Semi Naked Women

Aaaah it was the 1970's and we were allowed to get away with stuff like this, Halcyon days indeed. A combination of a pink neon pyramid and a semi naked woman is a classic, who said album cover art did not have to appeal to the lowest common denominator, not me & not whoever designed most Whitesnake album covers.

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Killing Joke - Adorations

It was the eighties and no one got out unscathed not even the magnificent Killing Joke, ok at was a single and so the slap a picture of the band on it looking suitable bored / moody / bored was probabilly the order of the day.

Thankfully they have stopped doing this.

The King And I

Yul Brynner as the King of Siam was essential bank holiday viewing and he obviously knows how to treat the ladies nuff said respect.

Bert Kaempfert - Lets Go Bowling

I love this image on so many levels, on the face of it is is just two men enjoying a game of bowling and why not. Dig deeper though and there is a definite darkness there and a definite touch of homoerotica.

Top Of The Pops 71

This blog is a celebration of album art good and bad, and this is a particularly bad example. 50 Shades Of Grey it is not.....

Ok the Jane Fonda hair I approve of but look at the size of the feel on her and as for the bloke this is not someone versed in the arts of BDSM.

The contents are equally bad a selestion of Pop hits from the 70's by non original artists, though apparentley before they were Famous Elton John and Thin Lizzy recorded the music for these compilations.

These were particularly good for disapointing your children on Christmass day ho were after a copy of David Bowie's latest offering, nothing like the sound of young dreams being crushed by incompitent parents.